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How many balls are drawn in Super Enalotto?

Super EnaLotto draw consists of six main winning numbers plus one “Jolly” number. There was a time when the main EnaLotto numbers consisted of the first number drawn in Sisal regional Lotto draws in the Italian cities of Bari, Florence, Milan, Naples, Palermo and Rome plus the “Jolly” number coming from the Venice lotto draw.

But this changed on 30th of June 2009 and since then the Superenalotto balls are drawn independently of the Lottomatica draw.

This change happened because, previuosly there was a slight probability that the numbers of balls of two cities could be the same – in which case there would have been duplicate numbers and it would have been impossible to win the Super Enalotto jackpot.

PlaySuperEna and win up to 150 million