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About Superenalotto – Superena history

The 1950‘s saw the founding of EnaLotto.

In 1996 SISAL won the tender for running the Enalotto lottery. SISAL was founded back in 1946 where one of the co-founder was Geo Molo, currently run by his son, so Sisal has a long tradition in the Italian gaming industry.

They introduced some changes to the formula of the Enalotto game, making it more appealing. The changes were approved by Italian Minister of Finance on 30th of October 1997 and the SuperEnalotto was born!

The very first modified Superenalotto draw took place on 3rd of December 1997.

Originally, until 30th of June 2009 the six main Superena lotto winning numbers were taken from the first number drawn in Lottomatica’s regional lotto draws for the cities of Bari, Florence, Milan, Naples, Palermo & Rome (used in that order). The Venice draw was used as a “Jolly” number.

If the first number of a city had been used before, then the second of the city’s draw was used – and so on. In this system there was a small probability that the numbers of two cities could be the same – in which case there would have been duplicate numbers and it would have been impossible to win the jackpot.

Therefore, since the 1st of July 2009 the SuperEna Lotto numbers have been drawn independently of the Lottomatica draws. There is one single draw for the six winning numbers and the “Jolly” number and a second independent draw for the “SuperStar” number.

This new modified Superena lotto game had grabbed the Italian’s attention right from the beggining.

The Italians love their SuperEna lotto almost as much as they love their pasta! The secret behind Superena lotto popularity is undoubtedly the number of record breaking jackpots, frequently reaching amounts of well over €100 Million Euros, with the record jackpot of €147 Million Euros, which was won on the 22nd of August 2009.

Which is no surprise that the Italians reportedly play lottery for more then $38 billion each year! This makes the Italian SuperEna lottery one of the biggest lotteries in both Europe and the world as a whole. No wonder then that lotto players outside Italy want a slice of the SuperEna Lotto pie, as well.

Italy’s SuperEnalotto has become a popular game for many lottery enthusiasts around the globe. The rapidly increasing rollover cash jackpot prizes of the Italian Superenalotto lottery is the main attraction for many players.

All Superena winnings are paid tax-free and in lump-sums.

PlaySuperEna and win up to 150 million

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