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How To Play Superena Italian Lottery Online

Step 1 » Register and Login
You can register at any time. To register click here or banner below:

PlaySuperEna and win up to 150 million

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You need to provide your email address, which will also be used as your username.  On this email address will be sent a confirmation email with an activation link, which you need to click to confirm your registration.

Once you’ve completed registration, you can login by entering your email address and secure password. You are ready now to play Superena Italian lottery online and select your Super Enalotto lucky numbers.

Step 2 » Choose Your Superenalotto Numbers
On the PLAY page select your Superenalotto lucky numbers by simply clicking on them. Your selected numbers will be highlighted. To remove a selected Superena number, simply click on it again. You can also use the “Quick Pick” button to quickly select a randomly generated entry into Italian lottery. To clear an incorrect entry and start again, press the “Clear Entry” button.

Step 3 » Choose When To PLAY Your Super Enalotto Italian lottery selected numbers
You can choose the Superena draw date you want the numbers for and how many weeks you wish those numbers to run. Cut-off time for the draw is usually 2 hours before the actual time of Superena draw time. Remember, it is your responsibility to get your Superenalotto entry before the entry deadline.

Step 4 » Adding your Superena Italian lottery entry
Once you’ve selected your Super Enalotto numbers and when you’d like to PLAY Italian lottery, simply press the “Add Entry” button. Your Superena entry will now be added to the list of those that you’d like to PLAY. You can continue adding Super Enalotto entries until you have all your entries for Italian lottery in.

Step 5 » Confirmation and Payment
After you have selected all the entries for Superena Italian lottery draw, press the “Continue” button. You will be asked to confirm all your Super Enalotto entries and to enter your payment details. You can pay for Super Ena loto entries from pre-purchase “Available Funds” or “Lottery Vouchers”, or by one of our accepted online payment services. To complete the transaction press the “Complete Purchase” button. Your transaction will be processed and you will recieve confirmation by email. Should you ever wish to review your past purchases, you can do so by click the “Purchases History” link provided in the right column.

Step 6 » What happens if you win Superenalotto?
After every Superenalotto draw that you’ve entered, you will receive an email with the results of the Superena draw and your entries. If your Superenalotto entry is a winner, your “Account Balance” will be immediately credited with the winning amount. You can then choose how you’d like to use those winnings when you claim them. To view your account at any time, click on the “Account Balance” links provided in the right column.

Best of luck, when playing Super Enalotto Italian lottery.