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An unabated run of Super Enalotto rollovers has caused lottery players from all over the world to lick their lips in anticipation of the SuperEnaLotto’s biggest ever prize payout. The Super Enalotto jackpot is currently larger than the previous all time Superenalotto record jackpot in August 2009.

At the time of writing, the SuperEnaLotto rollover jackpot was sitting on €165,000,000, an all time record for the Super Ena Lotto draw on 16th of October 2010, and the highest lottery jackpot currently available in the world. is offering a 3 month subscription to the Super EnaLotto to the person that most accurately predicts the point at which the SuperEnaLotto jackpot will be won.

How big would be the final Super Enalotto record jackpot in 2010?
Predict the Superenalotto final record jackpot amount and win!

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How big would be the final Super Enalotto record jackpot in 2010?
Predict the Superenalotto final record jackpot amount and win!

The World's Biggest Lotteries

Author: Anthony Wayne

The World’s Biggest Lotteries

Lotteries are one of the oldest forms of gambling known to man. All across the ancient world lotteries were played. The construction of the Great Wall of China was partially financed through lotteries. The American Revolution was financed by various lotteries and venerable educational institutions such as Harvard and Princeton were started with lottery money. In Europe lotteries have a long and colorful history and cities and nations financed public works projects and provided aid to the poor with lottery generated revenues. It comes as no surprise that many of the world’s largest lotteries are found in Europe.

Italy’s SuperEnaLotto is one of Europe’s largest and routinely offers jackpots in the hundreds of millions.

The UK National Lottery is the largest in the United Kingdom and one of Europe’s biggest. The lottery is run by gaming giant Camelot and players can buy UK national lottery tickets online. Best of all jackpots are paid in a lump sum and are tax free unlike US lotteries where taxes can easily eat up over 50% of a lotto jackpot. The National Lottery funds the ‘Big Lottery Fund’ which supports various causes and charities. The UK lotto has fourteen separate machines that can be used for lottery draws and many of the machines are named after characters in Arthurian legend such as Merlin, Arthur, Guinevere, Galahad, Vyvyan and Lancelot. The lottery is exceptionally popular and players from outside the UK can purchase online lottery tickets for the UK National Lottery.

EuroMillions is a pan European lottery and one of the world’s largest lotteries. Like most European lotteries Euromillions jackpots are tax free and paid in a lump sum. In 2006 three extremely ticket holders shared a €83,000,000($235,770,664.19 USD jackpot. Euromillions jackpots routinely exceed €100,000,000. ($128,822,882.59 USD) Euromillions lottery tickets can be bought online at the official website.

Powerball is an American multi state mega jackpot lottery. Powerball jackpots start at $20 million dollars and if there is no winner the jackpot is rolled over until there is a winner. Powerball jackpots in excess of $100 million are relatively common. Powerball winners have the options of a lump sum payout or an annuity. Many players choose the annuity because of the heavy taxation of lump sum payouts. The largest Powerball jackpot was $365 million which was shared by eight co workers in Nebraska. An agreement reached in 2010 now allows the cross sale of Powerball and Mega Millions lottery tickets in most jurisdictions.

Mega Millions is another American multi state lottery game. Tickets are $1 and jackpots start at $12 million and, like Powerball, the jackpot is rolled over until there is a winner. Mega Millions has provided the largest lottery jackpot on record anywhere in the world. In 2007 two Mega Millions ticket holders split an amazing $390 million dollar jackpot. Typically Mega Millions jackpots are paid in 26 yearly installments unless the cash option is selected. As has been mentioned most lottery jurisdictions in the US now sell Powerball and Mega Millions lottery tickets.

Spain’s El Gordo lottery is considered by some as the largest lottery in the world. El Gordo typically offers billions of Euros in prizes and the Christmas El Gordo drawings are legendary across Europe. Players can purchase El Gordo lotto tickets online at the official website or at one of the many online lottery services. Although El Gordo jackpots are not record setting the amount of money won is the largest in the world. There are hundreds of El Gordo winners every year.

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SuperEnaLotto Offers Massive Tax Free jackpots !

Author: Anthony Wayne

SuperEnaLotto Offers Massive Tax Free jackpots !

SuperEnaLotto is an Italian mega jackpot lottery that law launched in 1997 and was an instant hit. It should be noted that the Italian gambling market is one of Europe’s largest.

SuperEnaLotto jackpots are some of the largest anywhere in the world. Best of all SuperEnaLotto are tax free! Draws take place every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 8:30 PM, Italian time. Players try to match winning numbers from 1 through 90.

The SuperEnaLotto has produced some record setting jackpots. The year after the launch of SuperEnaLotto the entire village of Peschici won a jackpot of €32,706,977.38 ($41,578,018.22 USD ) In 2005 ten customers in a Milan bar won a jackpot of €71,767,565.57 (US$ 94,804,954.12). What a way to end a pleasant evening out! In 2008 a very lucky single ticket holder won €100,756,197.30 (US$ 129,753,830.88) and in 2009 another lucky SuperEnaLotto player won an astounding €147,807,299.08 (US$ 211,807,859.58). Keep in mind that unlike American lotteries where taxes can take over half of a huge jackpot, SuperEnaLotto jackpots are totally tax free and are paid in a lump sum! Winners have 90 days to collect their prize.

SuperEnaLotto players do not have to be Italian residents to play this lottery. Players must be 19 years old and jackpots start at €1.3 million and roll over until the prize has won.

SuperEnaLotto tickets may be purchased online. Top jackpot winners are required to visit the lottery’s headquarters to collect their winnings and what a great way to start a memorable Italian vacation! SuperEnaLotto is managed by Sisal, which has been managing lotteries for the Italian Government since 1946. Sisal also provides Italians with betting shops, sports betting shops, and horse betting retailers and is headquartered in Milan.

SuperEnaLotto is popular throughout Europe and many official lottery websites cross sell SuperEnaLotto, Euromillions and UK National Lottery tickets. SuperEnaLotto tickets can be purchased online at the official website but at present the site is in Italian. Lottery results for SuperEnaLotto may be checked online and European players can also check for results on television and in newspapers. SuperEnaLotto jackpots are denominated in Euros and online currency converters with current exchange rates are readily available. In fact a slight rise in the Euros exchange rate could easily add thousands to a SuperEnaLotto jackpot. Although the odds are long SuperEnaLotto tickets are inexpensive and the game is just as easy to play as Powerball and mega Millions.

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Superenalotto examples of notable record breaking jackpot wins.

In January the first 6 ball lottery prize in the newly founded Super Ena Lotto was won in the town of Poncarale in Italy.

Less than a year after SuperEna Lotto replaced Italy’s classic EnaLotto, it made world lottery history as 100 players (practically the whole village of Peschici) shared a $45 million lottery jackpot prize in October 1998.

Ten lucky players at a bar in Milan shared a SuperEnalotto coupon and won $100 million in May 2005, breaking an incredible SuperEna record set in August 2003, where one lucky Super EnaLotto player won $92 million!

In May 2007 a SuperEnaLotto jackpot worth more than €71 million was won in Capanni Di Savignano Sul Rubicone.

October 2008 was historic as one lucky player in Catania won a $135 million dollar jackpot – at that time the biggest ever jackpot in SuperEna Lotto history.

In January 2009 five lucky lotto players split a SuperEna jackpot win of nearly 40 million euros.

A record breaker Super Enalotto jackpot of almost $212 million dollars was won on August 22nd 2009, by a single ticket holder from Bagnone. This remains the record jackpot to this day – not only record win in SuperEnaLotto history but also in all European lotteries history.

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What are the ways to win Superenalotto Italian lottery?

There are 5 ways to win Superenalotto Italian lottery…

1) Super Enalotto jackpot prize: To win the Super Ena lotto jackpot (where the record prizes reach huge amounts, frequently well over €100 Million EUROS!), you must match all six main numbers.

2) Superenalotto 2nd prize, to win the second prize in Super Enalotto Italian lottery (where winnings reach around €100.000 per winner) you must match five main numbers out of six drawn, plus the so called “Jolly Number”, this is equivalent to the “Bonus Number” in the UK National lottery

3) To win Superenalotto 3rd prize (typically around €30.000 per winner) you must match 5 main numbers out of 6 drawn. “Jolly Number” is not required to cash in on 3rd level prize winnings.

4) To win Superena lotto 4th prize (around €300 per winner) you must match 4 main numbers.

5) To win 5th level Super Enalotto prize (ranging around €15 per winner) you must match only 3 main numbers

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When the 1st and the 2nd level Superenalotto Italian lottery cash prizes are not won, both amounts are added to increase the Super Enalotto jackpot prize for the following Italian lottery draw. Superenalotto rollovers are frequent, and because of that LARGE Superena lottery jackpots are very common.

Why do people play lottery online?

Have you ever come home after a busy day at work to be asked: Did you remember to buy a lottery ticket – which of course you did not! Or tossed the house in desperation looking for the ticket you bought but put somewhere too safe. Or worst of all, watched a lottery draw on TV and seen some of your favoured numbers come up, whilst realizing you forgot to buy a ticket!

If you buy your lottery tickets online then those worries are behind you. The lottery ticket agent will keep the receipts safe and you will never lose your winning lottery coupon. If you subscribe then the agent will enter your lucky numbers into the lottery draw every time and even notify you via email when you win.

* No more forgetting to buy tickets
* No last-minute panics when there are big rollovers
* No more losing your ticket
* No more forgetting to check your numbers, results are emailed to you right after each draw
* No more forgetting to collect your winnings

Also, by playing lottery online, people are not restricted to the lottery of their own country and have opportunity to participate and play in most of the lotteries from all over the world, where some of them like Superena Italian lottery offers a chance of winning much higher jackpot prizes, comparing to those jackpots offered by your local lotto.

Play lotteries online and gain access to the biggest lotteries in the world, such as Superena Italian lottery, EuroMillions European lottery, Powerball and MegaMillions both USA lotteries, and 2 lotto games from Australia.

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How to Win the Superenalotto

How to Win the Superenalotto

Author: Charle Chamblne

Winning big in a lottery is practically the dream and prophesies of so many people in the world. Who would not want to have a bank with millions of dollars? Lottery draws bring a lot of money and the money also increases while the right combination has not yet been perfected.

The jackpot size can go from millions to a hundred million Euros! Take for example Superenalotto. This is one of the most extravagant lottery games with the richest prizes the world has ever seen. It is such a great experience to know that you have a chance to win on such a lottery draw, but then again, so many people also have that kind of opportunity. If you are ready to win superenalotto, then get ready to know the basic aspects of the game first.

What Has Changed in Superenalotto

A lot has changed since the creation of this fabulous lottery game in Italy in 1997. In July 1, 2009, the methods were revised in order to make winnings a lot more obtainable than mythological.
Superenalotto has a reputation of being the toughest lottery game in the world due to the possibilities of not getting the combination because of the doubling of the same digits. The former rules of superenalotto game dictated that you get the first number from draw in one city, and then get another one from the next city. If the numbers are the same, the second one is chosen and then so on until you get six numbers.
Right now, the drawing of the jackpot prize is independent and so there is a lot more chances of getting the prize because the ratio of combinations are lessen by a multitude.

Superenalotto Winning Tips

To get a good grasp of the winning combinations in Superenalotto online, you have to have an even balance of numbers.
The next is not picking all even numbers and all odd numbers because there is a small chance that you will encounter with such a combination in one single draw. If you aspire to get the most out of your Superenalotto game, you can enter the draws every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
Finally, you need three matching numbers to win a cash price: the more the combination, the better. The perfect combination will give you a taste of what superenalotto really means.

The Game of Chance

The prices could range from a really high ceiling and some people do win hundreds and millions of Euros with just one ticket. Remember that although you may want to strategize, it is still majorly, a game of luck and chance.

Winning the superenallotto could open you to financial freedom and that is why people really wish they could win in this game. Although it is a serious prize, remember that it is still a game of chance and chances are, if the good vibes are on you, it will come to you if you take your time and not be greedy. Check the Superenalotto info, results and winning numbers online for the fastest results in lottery.

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How to Win the Superenalotto

Buy Lottery Tickets

Author: Anthony Wayne

Buy Lottery Tickets

Lottery tickets have been around for a long time. Some of the first lottery tickets known were keno slips from the ancient Han Dynasty in China. The first publicly issued lottery tickets date from the 14th century from the Dutch town of Sluis. Lotteries spread across Europe and eventually to the New World. Lotteries were popular in post revolutionary America but fell out of favor in the late 19th and early 20th century. In the mid 1960’s New Hampshire reintroduced lotteries and the idea was adopted by most states as a way to fund education and various government services. In the late 1910’s mega jackpot lotteries kike Powerball and mega Millions were introduced and since then millions buy lottery tickets on a regular basis.

Until recently those who wanted to buy lottery tickets had to make a trip to a lottery retailer and stand in annoying lines. Thanks to the internet and computer technology players can now buy lottery tickets online. Players are no longer limited to state lotteries and can buy lottery tickets for almost any lottery worldwide. Imaging being able to buy lottery tickets for EuroMillions, Italy’s SuperEna Lotto, Spain’s El Gordo lottery and other international lotteries! There are many websites offering tickets for several offshore lotteries. Most European lotteries have adopted online ticket sales with great success. In New Zealand players can have winnings deposited directly into personal checking and savings accounts. Most lotteries reported an immediate increase in lottery ticket sales with the implementation of online sales.

Players can buy lottery tickets online using credit and debit cards or can use one of the many ewallet services such as EwalletXpress. Players considering online ticket purchases should check the reputation of the website they are using to buy lottery tickets. There have been several scams associated with online lottery ticket sales but there are plenty of reliable online sources to check site reputations. Online forums are another great source of information for would be online lottery players. Players who buy lottery tickets online should also check the terms and conditions of the site offering online lottery services. Are transactions private and what kind of security software do they use to make sure transactions are safe and secure?

It has never been easier to buy lottery tickets. Most people live within a couple of miles from a lottery retailer and for those in rural areas the ability to buy lottery tickets online is a real convenience saving both time and money.

About the author: all rights reserved 2010. Your number one source for buying lottery tickets online

Buy Lottery Tickets

Biggest Lottery Wins from Around the World

Although a win on the Lottery would come in welcome for any winner, whether a modest £10 on three numbers, or the full multi-million pound fortune on all six, some of the largest ever Lottery wins have paid out more money than could ever feasibly be spent in one lifetime, despite the winner’s best efforts.

The world’s largest ever jackpot win was $390million dollars, which was won on March 6, 2007 and shared by two Mega Millions (US) ticket holders, one from New Jersey, one from Georgia. America also claims the world’s largest single win of $365million dollars in February 18, 2006, which was won and shared between eight in a Nebraskan meat processing plant syndicate with one very lucky Powerball (US) ticket.

The States also has the celebrity of offering up the next largest Lottery win, this time in The Big Game (US), when on May 9, 2000, Larry and Nancy Ross of Michigan and Joe and Sue Kainz of Illinois shared a huge prize fund of $363million dollars.

The popular EuroMillions has created innumerable millionaires since its launch in 2004. In February 3, 2006, three lucky ticket holders – two French, one Portuguese – shared a jackpot of €180million Euros. EuroMillions also made a millionairess many times over out of Irish mother of six, Dolores McNamara, who scooped a massive €115million Euros on July 29, 2005, to become Europe’s largest Lottery winner and the recipient of the world’s single largest payout.

Italy’s SuperEnalotto made millionaires out of ten customers who shared one winning ticket worth €71.8m in a Milan bar in May 4, 2005, marking Italy’s largest ever Lottery prize giveaway. Britain’s National Lottery paid out £42million, England’s largest ever prize, to three winning ticket holders on January 6, 1996, but that’s not the last you’ll hear of the National Lottery in the UK making millionaires out of ordinary Lotto players.

Angela Kelly, a UK resident, won £35.4million on August 10, 2007 with the ever high-rolling EuroMillions Lottery, marking her out as the UK’s single largest payout recipient and changing her life forever. She won by matching all five numbers plus two lucky stars to 23, 40, 42, 43, 49, plus 2 and 6.

The world’s final two remaining largest winners both hail from Europe and won playing the National Lottery. On October 7, 2006, €37.6m was won by a German male nurse, hailing from North Rhine-Westphalia and €16.2 m, Ireland’s largest single payout, was won by Paul and Helen Cunningham on July 28, 2007.

The odds of being one of these remarkable Lotto winners are high, roughly 13,983,816 to 1 for six numbers out of 49, but such fierce odds do little to detract eager players, who enjoy the game no less for the regular losses.

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Biggest Lottery Wins from Around the World